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Archon Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence and robotics at the use of safety and security of industrial environments.

Archon Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence and Robotics at the use of safety and security, industrial maintenance, forensics.

Featured news from Archon

September 25, 2019

RINA chooses Archon SophyAI platform in national contest

July 24, 2019

Plug and Play Silicon Valley Energy Program- batch 5

January 17, 2019

Terna selects Archon for Engage Phase "Next Energy Call for Growth"


Sophy monitors infrastructure sites

Archon aims to serve safetu and security applications in the energy, transportation and construction industry, retrofitting existing facilities or being integrated at construction time.

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Real time surveillance

24 hours status awareness service

Tracking of mobile assets

People and vehicle are continuously monitored.

Integrating Robotics and IoT

We can work with drones and rovers, and we natively support IoT sensors.

Privacy compliant eternal database

Our Digital Twin can be queried for information years in the past, providing instantaneous answers.


Real-time insights on onsite Risks

Archon’s platform of services consists in a proprietary software platform that enable NASA-like full operations over robotics, predictive maintenance and surveillance services.

Fast to install

Only 2D plans and video feeds required.

Edge or Cloud

Either a fast internet connection or an LTE connection + an inexpensive box.

Ready for IoT and Robotics

We can integrate UAVs and Rovers in the workflow.

Open Positions

We welcome applications on a rolling basis from candidates with exceptional skills in the following domains. Excellent knowledge of English and good working knowledge of Italian is desired.

Senior and junior full-time positions available, with maximum flexibility on the contracting/employment options.

Archon is an equal opportunity employer.

Machine Learning
Position Background

Archon collaborates tightly with Mechatronics, Electronics and System Integration laboratories to tailor and test the hardware that comprises the end-to-end solutions offered to customers.

High level description

Work with ROS operating system.
Work with Mavlink and DJI drone APIs.
Program in C++/Java and Python.
Interface web-based infrastructures.
In-field tests and troubleshooting of robots.

Graphics and Communication
Position Background

Archon has traditionally focused 100% on technology and now is undertaking an investment on external communication and branding. The team has grown on multiple cities and countries, with a significant new workforce being added in 2018.

High level description

Produce content and graphics for marketing opportunities (website, videos, brochures, proposals) and supervise the work of affiliated contractors.

Work with all members to proactively identify issues and implement internal communication and teambuilding strategies to foster a culture of inclusion and motivation.

Business Development

Archon is building its sales team; We are looking for seasoned experts in selling SaaS products as well as complex physical infrastructures to B2B customers in energy, construction, transportation space.

Partners and awards

  • european-commission-horizon-2020
    EU Commission
    SME Instrument grant award
  • hello-tomorrow
    Hello Tomorrow
    Winner of IT category 2015
  • here-we-hub-silicon-valley
    Enel Innovation Hub
    Launch of joint project with Enel SpA
  • impulse-partners
    Impulse Accelerator Partnership
    Impulse Startup Partner
  • start-up-chile
    Startup Chile
    9th Generation Batch
  • grow-it-up
    Grow It Up
    Selected Startup
  • ing-dan
    First place at IngDan RoadShow in China
  • open-italy-award
    Open Italy
    Winner of Open Italy 2017
  • total-plant-incubator
    Plant 4.0 Startup Incubator
    Selected for the Total Innovation Program
  • incense-accellerator
    Incense Accelerator
    Winner of INCENSe Accelerator fund
  • startup-initiative
    Startup Initiative - Intesa San Paolo
    Selected for StartUp Initiative Accellerator
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