Meet the people behind Archon


Robotize inefficient, repetitive and dangerous operations performed by humans


Develop sophisticated but easily manageable software applications to make coordination of robots user-friendly

Our Story


Archon is an italian company based in the USA, specialized in providing automated operations with UAVs.

Archon approach combines the field of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) technology to that of artificial intelligence and robotics. Its aim is to offer a more efficient and fully automatized set of services potentially addressing all existing and future needs of efficient video/photo imaging, both in private, industrial and urban setting (visualization, monitoring, inspection, alarm response, aerial photography, etc.).

The idea of Archon stems from almost 10 years of expertise on robotics, physics, mathematics and engineering. The experienced management team oversees the work of more than 20 people among scientists, engineers, designers and, above all, people with a deep love and passion for technology and innovation. The innovative project is also supported by Technical and Business advisors.

We work toward a future scenario where many repetitive, complex or dangerous operations will be efficiently and automatically performed by UAVs. Activities will be planned, scheduled and organized with the same ease with which nowadays we select flight preferences on travel websites, and then monitored with a high degree of precision.

Manage the Team


Davide Venturelli

CEO & Founder

Senior Research Scientist, NASA
Science Operations Manager, USRA
Ph.D. in Physics & Simulations
Singularity University, GSP


Davide Ghezzi


Cofounder of Sistema Solare, SpA
Director, Mediobanca London
Associate, JPMorgan
MBA, Columbia Business School


Roberto Navoni


Laser Navigation Laboratory, CEO
President of FIAPR (Italian Federation of Aircraft Pilot)
Founder and programmer, APMcopter
President, Virtual Robotix Italia


Francesco Castellano

Business Development Director

Supply Growth and Operations Manager, Uber
Senior Associate and Consultant, Bain & Company
Associate Financial Analyst, General Electric Oil&Gas
Ph.D. in Business, University of Bologna


Giovanni Landi

VR Director

AR/VR Creative Director, ETT SpA
Mixed Reality Architect, Neurograph
M. Sc. in Oceanography, University of Genoa
International Auggie VR Award, 2014


Daniele Stanzani

Software Engineering

Co-founder, PANDIGITAL Srl
Communication Software, Ferrari SpA
Consulting IT Specialist, 4ward
Web Developer, Panini SpA

Open Positions

We welcome applications on a rolling basis from candidates with exceptional skills in the following domains. Excellent knowledge of English and good working knowledge of Italian is desired.

Senior and junior full-time positions available, with maximum flexibility on the contracting/employment options.

Archon is an equale opportunity employer.

Position Background

Archon collaborates tightly with Mechatronics, Electronics and System Integration laboratories to tailor and test the hardware that comprises the end-to-end solutions offered to customers.

High level description

Work with ROS operating system.
Work with Mavlink and DJI drone APIs.
Program in C++/Java and Python.
Interface web-based infrastructures.
In-field tests and troubleshooting of robots.

Communication and HR
Position Background

Archon has traditionally focused 100% on technology and now is undertaking an investment on external communication and branding. The team has grown on multiple cities and countries, with a significant new workforce being added in 2018.

High level description

Produce content and graphics for marketing opportunities (website, videos, brochures, proposals) and supervise the work of affiliated contractors.

Work with all members to proactively identify issues and implement internal communication and teambuilding strategies to foster a culture of inclusion and motivation.