Archon Research Lab

Complete drone technology and development team, ready to pursue any consumer or professional drone application.

Discover Laser Navigation

Archon is affiliated with Laser Navigation, its research center specialized in custom drone solutions.
Over the 10+ years of experience, it developed its proprietary flight technology, focusing on growth and creation of new tools and mechanical developments for drones like stabilization, remote controls and other advanced features using traditional algorithms first and then investing in GPU acceleration and CNN neural network for classification, localization and autonomous navigation of UAVs.

Once the first feasibility study is made by the Archon team, the Laser Navigation laboratory, with its specialized team of engineers, is able to design and then develop the perfect hardware solution to satisfy complex requests from companies, innovation centers and institutions that need custom UAV solutions.

The center has already collaborated with some of the most important institutions in Italy like: Enel, Autostrade per l’Italia, Telecom, Enav. It also collaborates with important US institutions and universities like Stanford University, Singularity University and NASA.