VR for Robotics

ArchonVR provides the building blocks for VR control rooms to simulate, manage, control and monitor complex multi robots infrastructures in virtual reality collaborative and scalable environment.

The VR Control Room is designed to reduce the operators’ cognitive load by minimizing visual abstractions and fragmentations and maximizing information readability, leveraging AI for accelerated decision making processes.

Technical Specifications

Archon VR provides a cooperative remote control center for large multi-agent robotic systems, IoT and other robotics infrastructures, leveraging artificial intelligence algorithms to autonomously schedule operations to develop area coverage patterns. It’s developed to recognize threats and promptly send real time video feed to the physical control room, allowing operators to also manually control the drone to safely evaluate the threat.

Archon VR is a modular visualization environment, interactive and multi-user. Different modules can be added and connected to provide a customized solution that allows operators to interact with the robotic system and generate 3D scenarios so they can measure areas and volumes, assign tasks to single robots or groups of them and streamline data in real time.

  • Thermal and RGB video feeds
  • Geolocated 3D models
  • Telemetry and diagnostic data feeds
  • IoT components
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