Archon Services

Archon aims to serve all robotics applications with a particular focus on the energy production and transmission industry.

The main characteristics of Archon are autonomy, reliability and robustness of the service: the cloud infrastructure allows data delivery both remotely and on premises. Data are then processed by the precision analytic software, which can be used to run predictive maintenance or other types of heavy-duty activities.

Archon’s approach is to use native multi-drone leveraging AI for automated coordination and scheduling of missions.

Everything is monitored through the cloud platform, using the 3D geography feedback for fault tolerance and video analysis.

Great importance is placed on the guaranteed 24/7 availability status, with a system administration and flexibility support made possible by a proprietary platform that uses artificial intelligence to design the flight-ground trajectory, remote control the status of the robots and schedule objectives of the missions.

Our Main Application


Inspection and Maintenance

Enable maintenance operations and avoid exposition to dangerous situations thanks to high resolution imaging delivered by multiple sensors on board of drones.


Real-time long distance video surveillance that guarantees a 360° and night-vision view with enabled alarm signal verification.

3D Mapping and Analysis

Multiple sensors and high performing software allow drones to capture details from any angle with sub-cm accuracy thanks to LIDAR methodology.
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