Inspection and Maintenance

Government institutions and private corporations working in industries like chemical, mining, energy, oil and gas, must be in constant control of their structures and machineries, to guarantee that work spaces are functional but most importantly safe, for the instruments and the people working with them.

Drones can be particularly useful when it comes to managing conditions of infrastructures that could expose workers to dangerous and toxic situations, for example the inspection of dams, viaducts, roofs with limited access, etc. By using UAVs to assess site conditions, companies can perform complex operations without human risk, while also being cost effective and less time consuming.

Inspection and maintenance of working sites is extremely important, but operations of such nature can be dangerous when performed by humans.
Using drones you can:
  • Perform extremely close inspections of chosen objectives
  • Provide high resolution images and thermal scans
  • Capture details from any angle
  • Stream data in real time
  • Go anywhere, even small or dangerous spaces where humans can't go

How does a 24/7 Drone Solution help me?

Drones real-time analytics serve as a dynamic set of eyes to inform operators of potential threats, structural damages or intruders. The ability to detect problems at a very early stage ensures optimization of site's productivity.
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