3D Mapping and Analysis

In the past years, an increasing number of companies have been interested in capturing high resolution images to recreate the mapping of specific areas or existing structures. Particularly, the focus have been on 3D reconstructions, which provide the highest possible quality and accuracy of images.

The use of 3D maps reconstructions is used in different industries, from media and telecommunications to constructions, archaeology and architecture; no matter the industry, high quality imaging can help study and assess conditions of sites of artistic, historical or urban nature.

Using drones, 3D mapping can be enhanced to not only be of better quality, but also enable real time data analysis and transmission, detail caption from any angle, track points of interest and transform this data into useful information for future activities.


  • Capture images with sub-cm accuracy with LIDAR
  • Quickly process images into 3D maps with integrated modelling software
  • Don't require complex scaffolds or equipment to be used
  • Carry multiple high precision sensors
  • Manage construction progress

How does a 24/7 Drone Solution help me?

Drones can easily create 3D topographic maps, allowing a level of insight that’s hard to recreat with humans only. The ability to quickly gather data for any area that needs to be looked at closely and often is extremely helpful to industries like construction, oil and gas, mining.
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