Video Surveillance

When it comes to security, time and precision are of essence. Particularly when it comes to big facilities like solar panel fields, construction sites, oil and gas pipelines, security has to be a priority. It’s important to not only protect the people working on site but also the facility itself.

Especially with companies that work with expensive equipment and delicate instruments to perform their activities, security and protection from thefts and vandals must be extensive and efficient, which isn’t always the case: lots of measures of protecting can be extremely expensive and not really efficient.

Using UAVs can be a game changer for the guaranteed security of the work environment.
  • Cover long distances in shorter time than human
  • Verify anomalies
  • Integrate with existing surveillance systems without disrupting the service
  • Are cost efficient
  • Have an enabled 360° view with night vision
  • Recognize trespassing and vandalism

How does a 24/7 Drone Solution help me?

Drones can inspect remote locations without human involvement, their integration reduces the manpower required to inspect and monitor less accessible locations or detect degraded infrastructure. The ability to detect problems at a very early stage ensures optimization of site's productivity.
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