Archon Technology

A new world of techniques from robotics and AI to robotize inefficient, repetitive and dangerous industrial operations.

The Archon Approach

Archon combines the use of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), space robots (Rovers, Landers etc.) with the AI techniques of planning, scheduling and machine learning. This creates a native multi-robot approach for efficient automated operations in critical settings.

Perfect Integration

A complete end-to-end solution consisting of: a proprietary software backend, a group of robots and charging and docking stations; to give enterprises and institutions a new and autonomous way to perform maintenance and monitoring of facilities.

At the edge of Innovation

We’re designing always-evolving solutions that are real-time, immersive and collaborative, thanks to the integration of artificial intelligence with a cloud-based solution. Archon is more than a company: it is a research center in cybernetics, mechatronics and applied computer science.

Hardware Systems



    A user-friendly web-based, and VR-based, platform to simplify the workflow of autonomous robotic operations.


    Robust 24/7 service, securely controlled through the internet or by datacenters installed on premises of the customer. Safe storage of streams of data and images.

    Leveraging AI

    Ground Movement, Flights, Takeoff, Landing, Docking, Sensors activations are all controlled by artificial intelligence, working under human supervision.

    Interested in Archon?

    Ask us about deploying a Dronics solution across your institution or collaborating on research projects.

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