Archon Technology

A new world of immersive technologies to robotize inefficient, repetitive and dangerous operations.

Archon's approach

Archon combines the field of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) with artificial intelligence and robotics, to create a natively multi-drone approach for efficient automated coordination and scheduling of operatons.

Perfect Integration

A complete solution consisting of: a proprietary software technology, a fleet of drones and a redesigned charging and landing station; to give enterprises and institutions a new and autonomous way to coordinate and schedule flight operations.

Always Innovating

Advanced robotics is facing a newfound technological disruption. We’re designing always-evolving solutions that are real-time, immersive and collaborative, thanks to the integration of artificial intelligence and a cloud-based solution.


Easy to use

A user-friendly, intuitive web-based platform to simplify the workflow of autonomous flight operations


Autonomous, reliable and robust 24/7 service, allowing stream of data and images at any time.

AI Leverage

Takeoff and landing controlled by artificial intelligence, enhancing the platform-product integration.

Interested in Archon?

Ask us about our technology to help you deploy an enhanced drone solution across your instituion.