Archon Platform

A powerful, user-friendly platform that gives humans superpowers.

Reliable, cloud based, 24/7 guaranteed service.

An intuitive web interface that doesn't require coding skills or knowledge and is completely user-friendly. The software works with the product of choice to allow UAVs management, integrated with an enhanced artificial intelligence interface for scheduling, takeoff and landing control of the UAV, enabling full NASA-like operations control.


The platform is designed to be user friendly, with an intuitive front-end interface made to be used by anyone trained: no coding skills are required.

The main goal is to simplify the workflow of autonomous robot operations: from scheduling of the missions to processing and analysis of data collected.

The software works perfectly with the product of choice, either third-party or Archon's proprietary, and allows for complete planning, command and control of the UAVs and Rovers on duty.

Cloud Security

Archon's approach is to offer natively automated coordination and scheduling of multiple robots.

Everything is monitored through the internet, or through a secure intranet, with a cloud infrastructure that can be made available on remote or on premises.

The focus is on autonomy, reliability and robustness of the service, to allow drones to deliver data and images at any time, so that they can be processed by the best analytics software.

AI Leverage

Archon uses Artificial Intelligence to enhance the platform abilities.

The artificial intelligence module allows adaptive learning behaviours to better design flight-ground trajectories and optimize the planning of operations.

The algorithms issued from from cutting-edge optimization, scheduling and reinforcement learning techniques guarantee that robots will be operated only if the battery allows the suitable operation time, and chooses which drone will take off based on closeness to the objective and other dynamic needs such as weather conditions.

Artificial Intelligence Optimized Flights

Hardware-agnostic software solution that allows for coordinated and supervised multi-robot operations. Made to allow humans to be supervisors with total control over a robotic workforce.

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